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Author Shaunna Rodriguez

Who is that author SPAMMING my page with her books!!!!

I'm the author who not only promotes my own books but several others as well.  I fully believe everyone deserves every opportunity to be seen, heard and have their talents exposed to as many people as possible.  Afterall, if you don't know about it, how are you going to read it? 

My name is Shaunna Rodriguez and I have achieved my goal and dream of being a published author.  After releasing the preview to my newly released Country Heels romance novel, in under 12 hours I watched it leap to the top of the best sellers list.  I had never seen anything like it and I literally had tears of joy.  It's an incredible feeling to know thousands of people took the time to pick up a copy of your book and if they haven't started reading it, they got it with every intention of it.  The flattery continued as wonderful 5 Star Reviews came in, one right after the other.  After that, I knew I wanted others to feel the same incredible feelings that I felt.  To feel the rush and revel in the delight of others enjoyment and knowing you had a hand in it.  Success is a fanastic thing in itself but it's so much sweeter when shared with others. 


  One of many of my talents as well as curses is that I work on several books at one time.  It depends on what moves me as to what genre I'll be writing in that day.  It is not due to lack of focus but due to the fact that I never want my books to drag or my readers to be bored.  I write like I expect other books to read.  I want them to grab you from the beginning and keep you hanging on until the very last page that you turn.  (or in the case of an ebook, swipe your finger across the screen or push the button)

My current publications and their locations are as follows:

Country Heels (The Preview) can be found on amazon.com (romance, drama, suspense)


Country Heels (The Novel) (romance, drama, suspense)

For an autographed paperback copy:

Product Description

In every fairytale there's always a villain.

Do wishes really come true? Brooke is about to get the surprise of her life. It's her 18th birthday, Brad is back and his sights are set on her.

Brooke was ten the very first time she realized that thirteen year-old Brad Stone was her hearts every desire. But after he embarrassed her at the towns festival and broke her heart, she convinced herself that she hated Brad Stone. Unable to convince her heart, Brooke spent the next eight years running from love. Convincing herself that as soon as Brad left for college her life would be normal and she'd never have to look at him again and could move on, she found that once again she had lied to herself because no one could hold a candle to Brad.

Known not only for acting but always getting her way, there's one more person who has their sights set on Brad Stone and actress Miranda Roberts, will stop at nothing to get what she wants and she will "bury" anyone who gets in her way. 
Her Obsession (Drama, Suspense, Thriller, Non-Fiction)
Inspired by true events

Product Description

An Unbridled Obsession Can Cause Such Chaotic Insanity.

She was convinced she wasn’t crazy. CC took what I consider to be insanity, to a whole new level. The reality of it is that I should have feared for my own safety and sanity because like the scattered disaster area that was before me, it was the same situation in the deep trenches of her mind that dropped off into a darkened abyss. Both the door to her apartment and her brain should have been roped off with yellow CAUTION tape.

Excerpt from Her Obsession:

My mouth fell open and terror reigned supreme as my blood turned cold and my heart stopped. She withdraw the same knife she had held me hostage with. The blade caught the bedroom light and reflected.
“I stabbed them! I stabbed them after I shot them.”
“I killed them all! I even licked the blood from my fingers!” She drew her free hand to her lips and licked her fingertips. My heart that had been stopped now raced and my head was spinning.

I feared for my life more so at that point than I ever had before, especially if this had been sane and we hadn’t reached the peak of insanity or scratched the surface of crazy yet.
Her Hostage (drama, supsense, thriller, non-fiction)
Where it all began- Inspired by true events

Product Description

Four Months after moving in with her, she took me hostage and refused to let me leave telling me she would "never let me betray her. She had let others leave, but not me. She loved me. She was in love with me and she'd never let me go."


“You have to leave. You have to get out of there right now.” He informed me.
“I can’t. She is guarding the door and has knives.” I texted him as I said “mmhmm.” In agreement on the phone. She had burst into tears again. She had begun to breakdown and I was deliberating on a plan of breakout.
“I will never let you leave me.” It was almost in audible at first. She had my complete attention. I had snapped back to reality with those words. I stared straight at her. It was almost as if she was looking through me. I could feel her heated gaze burning right through me.
“I will never let you betray me like that. I’ve let others leave but not you. I will never let you leave me. Never. I love you. I am in love with you. I will stay here and guard your things, even if it means that I never have to work again, if it means keeping you from leaving me, from betraying me, I will do it. I will never let you leave me because I love you and I am in love with you and you will never leave me because I will never let you go.”
What's the Buzz About?
Book Reviews: The Consumers Report
These books are fantastic reads but I don't expect you to just take my word for it.  Afterall, I wrote them so, that makes me biased.  Here are some of the reviews from readers who did take the time to leave behind their thoughts, gratitude and share their excitement!
Country Heels
5 Star Review
By J. Wall
Format:Kindle Edition
I don't know how she does it, but Shaunna Rodriguez has a knack for painting a mental picture. I have read her other works and have found the same knack in those, as well. In this work of fiction, however, one almost feels as if one actually knows both families involved with the story this far. This sample will leave most romance readers clamoring for more! Way to go, Mrs. Rodriguez, you have done it again!!!
5 Star Review
By mr dead
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
there are parts to alot of stories i have read where you need to give it a push. it is like a lull in the story where you need to take in a deep breath and persevere or put it down for a while. this is not one of those stories. Firstly i believe the character complexities guide the plot along with so much fluidity it looks like this story telling comes naturally. moreover they seem like they are real people, not just fictional characters where you have to form a stretch of the imagination to connect them with anyone real
the story, even though it is a few chapters, rolls along with so much grace and natural poise that it seems like you are watching a movie unfold in front of you. there is an effortless charm that comes with this preview and i would say to anyone it is best to download this as a glimpse of what we are getting when we get to read the whole thing. i know i certainly will be reading all of it.

i think i will end this review with a wow
Kicking up Her Country Heels in this easy Best Seller
  Book Reviewer
5 Star Review
This review is from: Country Heels Preview (Kindle Edition)
Shaunna Rodriguez is easily described as inspirational, phenomenal and gripping. Whether she is weaving a tale of suspense or romance, she leaves the reader needing, wanting and desiring more. Some reviews can be met with a quick "great to read" or "enjoyed the plot" but Shaunna Rodriguez deserves as much as she gives the reader and that is "Everything." Other reviews have the Author, Shaunna Rodriguez, and the book as "Shaunna Rodriguez kills it and leaves a flaming trail of desire with this book." As well as "Shaunna Rodriguez has a book thats on fire with heat, passion, lust, torment and desire." I have seen this "Tweeted" several times. Need I say more? I wish this had been the complete book but given that the preview was more than enough to engage my appetite for more, I am, as we speak, sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the release of the full book, like everyone else who has read just the first three chapters. I give Author, Shaunna Rodriguez, 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up and a standing ovation for what I believe will surely be, the romance novel of the year, or at least in my "book" it will be.

Way To Go Shaunna Rodriguez! 
Review by: holy angel                                         : starstarstarstarstar
i have been refreshing the page many times.. but then got it that it ended... waiting for full book to b released... loved the half part.. :)
Review by: Julie W.             : starstarstarstarstar
This first three chapters - they grab you by the head and by the heart and leave you needing more! I am not a HUGE romance fan, but I picked this up, because I’d read Mrs. Rodriquez’s “Her Obsession” and loved it so much, I wanted to see what her fiction was like, and if it was as good. I would have to say absolutely, YES! Give Country Heels a spin. I promise you won’t be sorry!
Review by: Evangeline Love                                        : starstarstarstarstar
This was a great read, was really disappointed when it ended the way it did. Looking forward to reading the full book.
Review by: Catona Spyker                                          : starstarstarstarstar
I love it. I was so into it and at the end my heart just stopped I cant wait for the rest of the story to be released.
Review by: New York Book-Lover                                         : starstarstarstarstar
It seems so peaceful and serene. A country love affair, boy meets girl.... I was way wrong. The country scene drew me in immediately, the history between these two people is astounding and I physically felt the attraction for them. Shaunna Rodriguez has a book thats on fire with heat, passion, lust, torment and desire. Just when you think you know what will happen next, the direction of the book changes and keeps you guessing until the last page.
I must admit that going from reading Her Hostage and Her Obsession to reading Country Heels, a romantic/drama was a change of pace for me but I figured if Shaunna Rodriguez wrote it, it must be good! I took a chance and I'm certainly glad I did! It made me laugh, it made my heart race with anticipation and her descriptions are incredible! It was just like watching this in movie form rather than reading it! I actually forgot where I was, I was so lost in Country Heels and caught up in a whirlwind, passionate love affair between Brooke and Brad! This is a must read! I hate that it was a Preview of the book and not the whole book but I am licking my lips in anticipation as we speak and waiting for the release of the full book! Outstanding! Definitely leaves the reader needing, wanting and desiring more! Shaunna Rodriguez kills it and leaves a flaming trail of desire with this book. She is definitely author of the year and an up and coming best selling author! I'll read anything Author Shaunna Rodriguez puts out there! 3 books and all homeruns with 67,000 plus recommended must reads!
Her Obsession
5 Star Review
By J. Wall
Wow...Just Wow! I found Shaunna while perusing Twitter one slow weekend while looking for someone to read. There was a tweet about Roommate 911, and I downloaded and read it, and then found "Her Obsession" just last week.

I had read a sample and was hooked, so downloaded the rest of it, as well as "Her Hostage," which I have yet to start.

"Obsession" starts out on a fairly even keel, but starts twisting and turning shortly thereafter, with something as seemingly benign as a car caught out of the corner of one's eye. Initially I thought this was fiction based on fact, but when I found out that these events actually happened to the author? Talk about a read one can't put down.

I finished this yesterday (Saturday) after having started it on Thursday afternoon. It kept me on the absolute edge of my seat. CC's insanity, even though she doesn't really seem too aware of it, is spine chilling on a fictional level, never mind on a reality-based level.

Shaunna's journey through this nightmare will keep you riveted and you will almost feel as though you are right there with her.

This is an e-book you won't be sorry you downloaded!
I would just die if this happened to me!
5 Star Review
This review is from: Her Obsession (Kindle Edition)
When I first found this book, I was in the middle of a rt'ing nightmare and only read a small blurb about the book. I was like " roommate loses mind and holds the other hostage. " Sounds cool enough. So I added it to my already growing list of freebies to read and review thinking it was fiction. I started reading and quickly realized that this was actual truth! This story is so amazingly crazy! Most of the time I was thinking.. I would die!! I would just die! " I didn't even know what I would do in that situation! I kept going between " Oh my god!! Whats going to happen? Is she going to make it? " And " This is one freaking psycho B***H!!!!!" I was on the proverbial edge of my seat the entire time. Her Obsession was a great read from start to finish!!! I will be reading the second installment " Her Hostage" Her Obsession
Obsessed with Her Obsession
  Book Viewer
This review is from: Her Obsession (Kindle Edition)
Shaunna Rodriguez may have been put through hell but she handled the situation with grace and an incredible head on her shoulders. I have read this book 5 times since it was published and I can see why over 67, 000 people have recommended this book. It has been said before that this is definitely not a book you will regret downloading or buying!
It ROCKED! To say the very least! I was mind boggled to think that a roommate could be as crazy as CC was! She fell in love with Author, Shaunna Rodriguez, threatened to kill her, held her hostage twice! (spoiler alert!) At knife point! Wanted to have a baby with her husband, then she wanted to make her leave him! She was controlling and just insane! It makes for a fantastic thrill ride for sure! I was captivated and unable to put this book down and when I finished it the first time, I just started it over again because I just had to read it again to make myself believe it! It's the best book I have ever read! This is a must buy, must own, must read and must share book!
Review by: New York Book-Lover                                                        starstarstarstarstar
 Shaunna Rodriguez may have been put through hell but she handled the situation with grace and an incredible head on her shoulders. I have read this book 5 times since it was published and I can see why over 67, 000 people have recommended this book. It has been said before that this is definitely not a book you will regret downloading or buying!
It ROCKED! To say the very least! I was mind boggled to think that a roommate could be as crazy as CC was! She fell in love with Author, Shaunna Rodriguez, threatened to kill her, held her hostage twice! (spoiler alert!) At knife point! Wanted to have a baby with her husband, then she wanted to make her leave him! She was controlling and just insane! It makes for a fantastic thrill ride for sure! I was captivated and unable to put this book down and when I finished it the first time, I just started it over again because I just had to read it again to make myself believe it! It's the best book I have ever read! This is a must buy, must own, must read and must share book!
Her Hostage
Review by: New York Book-Lover                            : starstarstarstarstar

 Just as "Thrilling" and unbelievable as Her Obsession! Her Hostage is a must read thrill ride! From one hellish fiasco to another, being held hostage at knife point and the events that transpired from one roommate left my jaw dragging the floor and as sick as it is, I wanted to read more! I wanted to see what happened next! Would Author Shaunna Rodriguez, escape? What would CC do to her if she tried to leave? The anticipation of what will happen next is numbing. I could not put this book down! I just finished reading Her Obsession and it is as good, if not better than Her Hostage. It's a must own for everyone's library! Hanging onto the edge of my seat is an understatement. I could barely sit down. My stomach turned and I had waves of nausea as I read through this hellish ordeal of one womans obsessed love scheme to hold hostage her love obsession and another woman, Author Shaunna Rodriguez, fight for survival and sanity. Intriguing and I am dying to read more!
What's New With Shaunna Rodriguez

I'm asked frequently "What can we expect from you in the future?"  As I mentioned earlier, I work on multiple books at a time.  I also write in every genre.  So, here's a preview into what's coming soon!

Harvest Season (Horror, Thriller, Suspense)

A dark shadow fell over the ground as he walked to the door. A reflection of the hovering night clouds as it were. The wind had a bitter bite as it nipped at his bare skin. He rapped on the door firmly and took a step back, waiting. He heard a loud rustling inside and a loud bump as the door swung open. An angry six foot seven man peered at him through cold grey eyes, his hair was a bit disheveled. He had one overall strap up, while the other one hung loosely at his waist. "What the hell?" He rasped. "Sorry to wake you sir, there is a problem." The young man said as he waited for a response. "What sort of problem?" The man lessened the bark in his voice. "Your son." The young man replied. The older man gave an all to knowing shake of his head and sighed. "I'll be right there."
He felt his body being dragged across the rough ground. Rocks dug against him breaking the skin. Blood seeped from his gaping wounds. He reached up to wipe the sweat from his brow. His face was wetter than he had expected. He wiped the sweat on his light denim overalls and noticed the blood smear pattern from his hand. He stared at his hand as if it were a poisonous snake ready to strike. "Help." He tried to call out but the words caught in his throat. He felt the rope around his waist and suddenly he was being hoisted into the air. His feet swung loosely over the ground. He watched helplessly as the hay bailer got closer. He dangled from a chain on the cherry picker. The picker came to a quick halt jerking him quickly causing his head to snap back. "So old man, now comes the time of negotiations." The attacker said. The old man stared at his attacker in disbelief. He blinked twice just to make sure he was seeing what he was. "Son. Why?" The old man asked. "Money, power." The attacker replied. The old man shook his blood soaked head from side to side. "You sound as if you are running for office." The old man replied. His attacker smiled and moved closer towards the bailer where he dangled. "I am." He replied and laughed harshly. "What?" The old man replied. "I am running for office. Your office." He replied.
He stared pitifully into the face of a cold blooded killer. "Too little, too late." Those were the last words he heard. The chilled night air filled with the blood curdling scream as the killer loosened the chain for the last time dropping him into the blades. He watched as his old man’s hand reached up out of the bailer, pleading. It was too late. Even if he wanted to save him he couldn't. He stood atop the bailer and watched the man being ground up like hamburger meat. Blood painted the blades and the inside of the bailer. He watched as the mans head was detached from his body and ground up as if it were nothing. The Baylor whirled the remains of the man around in the hay, blending it in so that the body would be virtually undetectable. He stood there smiling, staring victoriously into the murderous machine that had freed him and had given him the one thing he had so desired. Ultimate power and control.
Dolly (Soul Taker) (horror, suspense, thriller)

The Church of The Saints
Year: 1900
The church was silent. Mass had long since ended. It was unusual to have callers this late at night but Father Martine was never one to turn away a soul.
He stepped into the tiny booth and slid the plate back.
“Forgive me father, for I have sinned.” The man started.
“Tell me your sins child.” Father Martine pressed.
“Do you believe in the darkness father?” The man asked. Father Martine lifted his eyes from his lap where he had been staring at his hands and holding his Rosary Beads.
“Pardon my son?” He asked confused. His grip tightened around the beads more. He had hoped that it wouldn’t come true. Most of his dreams were a glimpse into the future, a gift from God. This had seemed more of a warning, which was not unusual for him to receive as well. He had been sleeping peacefully when his dreams that were usually peaceful, spirit filled and uplifting, turned dark and cold. In his dream he began to sweat profusely as he sat in the confession box. He remembered feeling as if he were on death row and in a sense, he was. A long, dark hand reached through the wall and grabbed him by the throat, lifting him high into the air. Its grip was strangling as it cut off the air to his lungs. Gasping for air, he pleaded with it to let him go, let him live. He had souls to save. It’s evil laughter slipped beneath his skin and consumed him in his entirety. In one fail swoop, its mouth went for his throat.
“The darkness father.” The mans voice trembled, bringing Father Martine out of his frightened trance.
“You are in the house of the Lord my son, you are safe here. Confess your sins and be cleansed. Free yourself of your burdens.” Father Martine encouraged the man as he continued to pray silently.
“He’s here.” The mans voice trembled more.
“Who’s here?” Father Martine felt his pulse quicken.
“Save your soul father.” The man growled just before hitting the side of the wall, causing Father Martine to jump and grab his chest. He remained silent. When he had gathered his wits, he leaned down and peered through the vents into the other booth and was met with a pair of demonic red eyes. He leapt backwards and jumped to his feet. He threw open the door and screamed in terror.
“I’ve come for your soul!” It roared before devouring him.

Nelson’s Toy Shoppe and Distribution Center
Year: 1900’s
The warehouse was empty with the exception of Tommy Talbot, the night security guard. He walked about whistling a happy, upbeat tune as he checked to make sure the doors to offices were still locked and that the production floor was still empty and no “prankster” kids were meddling in places they ought not be meddling in. Despite it being a toy shop, this was no place for children. Nope. No fun and games in this place. Just work. Damn near factory slavery if you asked Tommy but he still got dressed everyday, putting on his pants the same way and he’d come into work. He had done this for two years now and was hoping to make Head Security soon. Old Mack Myerson was near retirement age. He was up in his near seventies now and had been with this company since it first opened in 1925, he was sure of it. As Tommy was making his way down the corridor that led to the production floor where the toys were inspected then packaged his attention was drawn to the floor lights burning brightly. Tommy ground his teeth as he prepared to take into custody several melding hooligans
“Ain’t nobody suppose to be here tonight.” Tommy glanced at his watch. It read 2 am. Definitely nobody suppose to be there around that time but him. He grabbed the waist line of his blue slacks, a part of the required uniform there, and heaved them up over the top of his bulging gut. He had once been fit. He shook his head, no his mamma said he threw fits. He chuckled at his own joke. He had always been a big boy. He made it to the door and peered in through the glass. The belts were running and boxes were being filled with dolls. He unlocked the door and walked in, confused as to how someone got in there considering the door was still locked on the outside. He let it close quietly behind him. He wanted to use the element of surprise. He’d be a hero. He might even get into the police academy like he’d been wanting to do for years but they never would take him. The letters always said he had been denied admission based on his weight. Now they’d see that no matter his size or weight, he could still get the job done. He was worthy and hell, they might promote him to Captain if this catch was rich enough. Maybe the Mayors son had broken in and he’d blackmail them and never have to worry about money again. He walked through the warehouse looking around for signs of life. He had been down here around midnight and nothing was turned on, not even a light. He walked over to the hanging control pad and pushed the red button to stop the machines and belts. Everything came to a loud, screeching halt. Something tall, very large and dark appeared a few feet in front of him just before it went dashing past and out of sight. From that distance, it was hard to make out what it was other than just a large shadow. He squinted and stared harder.
“Hello big boy.” He heard a sultry voice behind him. He turned and found himself face to face with a spicy brunette in a bright red dress that had spaghetti straps and came to the top of her delicious, creamy thighs.
“Why hello there Miss. Are you lost?” He asked curiously, his badass demeanor changing quickly to one of gentlemanly.
“Mmhmm, come show me the way home.” She grabbed his white shirt collar and yanked him to her covering his mouth with hers. He moaned and practically fell into her embrace. He had never known the loving of a beautiful goddess such as this. He was feigning to know every inch of her body. His hands slid down the front of her sultry body, the satin feel of the dress further arousing him as it touched his fingertips. Her tongue slid further down his throat, nearly gagging him but he was not about to let this vixen go free. He opened his mouth wider beckoning her. Her hands gripped his face and began to squeeze. He didn’t notice the immense pressure from her squeezing, his hands had moved beneath the dress and were squeezing her taut breasts. Pulling away and breaking the kiss he positioned his mouth over her nipples and began nibbling, sucking and pulling at them. He began to fumble with the front of his pants, the arousal almost too much to bare. Her mouth moved to his neck, kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling. His pants dropped to his ankles and once again, his mouth found hers. With strength like he’d never known anyone to have, she threw him backwards on top of a nearby conveyer belt. She climbed atop him and sank him deep inside of her. Guttural groans of pleasure erupted from his plump lips as his fat hands continued to explore her body.
“Do you like this Chubkins?” She asked in a sultry, yet taunting tone. He arched and moaned, searching for the words to answer but found that he had none. He was overrun by pleasure and desire. She leaned back and raked her fingernails over his legs, ripping the skin and leaving a trail of blood running down both legs everywhere her nails had touched. He began to scream in pain. She only shoved him deeper inside of her, pitching her head back, she let out a roar that was anything but human. Fear now consumed the fat security guard as he stared into the face of sheer evil.
“Time to die.” He was no longer a she but the largest thing he had ever seen.
“No wait! Please!” Tommy threw his hands up in protest but the creature that sat atop him moved with lightening speed and already had its teeth sunk deeply into his neck, silencing his morbid screams. The creature reached in front of it and dug both hands into his gut ripping his intestines out and spilling them out onto the table. Blood gushed and pooled around his fat, seizing body. Taking the small, white, wormy looking intestine first, it pulled it to its mouth and bit through it with jagged teeth. Clear liquid squirted out. It opened its mouth wider allowing the fluid to fill it. It gurgled with pleasure and began tearing at the intestines. It picked up the large intestine and bit through it then crammed it down its throat as if ravenous and starving. Tommy flailed about on the conveyer belt. The gurgling in his throat was no longer from pleasure but from death that was consuming him. Just before darkness consumed him, Tommy remembered his first day on the job when the owner of the company told him personally “All of my toys have souls, just like their makers.” Tommy would have to regret to inform him that this toy shop was in fact, soulless. As Tommy’s soul was being sucked from his body, he could hear the conveyer belts begin to run again and the sounds of a million dolls were laughing all around him as the packages were sealed, stacked and then moved to the distribution bins.

Present Day
Brenda Whitaker

Brenda Whitaker was your normal, 17 year-old teenager. She was pretty, athletic, popular and outgoing. She loved reading, writing, poetry, art and kids. So, it was never beneath her to cancel a night out with her friends to answer a babysitting call which is exactly what she did on a Friday evening when Mrs. Brandt called, needing her help.
“Brenda, I know its late notice but I have a formal that I’m going to this evening for a benefit for the firm I’m working for. Are you available to watch Pria and Erin for me?” She sounded desperate.
“Of course Mrs. Brandt, I adore them.” Brenda reassured her.
“Great, if you could be here before seven that would be great. You’ve been here so many times you shouldn’t have any trouble getting past security but I’ll call down to Jack, the evening guard, and let him know you’ll be coming. See you soon then!” She hung up enthusiastically. Brenda made her way downstairs.
“Mom!” She yelled.
“In here!” She yelled from the laundry room.
“Who was that dear?” Beth Whitaker, much like her daughter, was very attractive with her average height and small figure, long legs and blue eyes; asked her daughter curiously as she stuffed the load of clothes from the washer into the dryer and then added another load to the washer.
“That was Caroline Brandt. She needs a sitter again.” Brenda jumped up onto the top of the dryer and swung her feet in front of her.
“When?” Beth asked breathlessly as she stood upright again from the basket of clothes at her feet.
“Tonight. Before seven.” Brenda informed her. She glanced at her watch.
“I have plans later with your dad. Take the car, be careful. Call if you need anything. You should take Courtney over there with you for company. Its such a big house. I just don’t know how you stay there.” Beth kissed the top of her daughters brown head and then walked out of the room. Brenda shrugged. She’d call Courtney after she got to the Brandt’s house and they were long gone. She didn’t want them to be worried about having to pay another sitter when Courtney would only be there to keep her company.
The drive to the Brandt’s house from her own was only about ten minutes, however, if she had walked it would have taken her much longer. Especially because she was already tempted to detour to Seth Petersons house. She had been seeing him off and on for about six months and liked to spend time with him when she could sneak out or get away. Her family was strange and she just wasn’t ready to bring him home and have them ask him a million and one questions and then ruin any chance of a good, stable relationship with him. She’d suck him in and then when she was certain he was hers for the keeping, then she’d let her family loose on him and see just how committed he could be without running in fear. She smiled at the thought. She arrived at the gates and her smile immediately disappeared. It was followed by a mournful groan. It wasn’t Jack but Jeff, the other guard that made a career out of hitting on her. She hadn’t even pulled all the way to the guard shack and he was already hanging halfway out the window waving at her to get her attention. Yeah, as if she didn’t see the muscle-less, stick figure with overly gelled dirty blonde hair, facial stubbles that were unappealing and a long, pointy chin. She brought the car to a stop, despite her urge to run through the lowered gate that had red flashing lights on it.
“Hello there beautiful.” He laid on the drawl too thick.
“Hey Jeff. I’m in a hurry today.” She tried to be polite and hide her feelings of repulsion for him.
Apparently, he wasn‘t getting her subtle hints of un-interest. “How about after I get off, I head up there to the Brandt’s and keep you company?” He offered. Swallowing the vomit back down that had flooded her throat at the thought of him trying to kiss her with his Copenhagen mouth and black flecked teeth.
“No thanks.” She replied. He chuckled. Clearly under the impression that she was just playing hard to get.
“You’ll change your mind. I bet your teen-dream boyfriend doesn’t have a job. I’m a real man and I can buy you whatever your heart desires.” He continued as he raised the gate and waved her through. She watched it lower in the rearview mirror. She noticed the wrapped package in the backseat as she did and smiled. Erin’s birthday was tomorrow and her mom had remembered to pick up a gift for her because she knew that her “busy” teenage daughter would somehow forget.
“Thanks mom.” She smiled. Her mom had good taste so she was certain that it was something great.
She parked the car, turned off the ignition and then grabbed the package from the backseat. She was a little surprised at how heavy it was. Was there a body in there? Her mind immediately went to that due to the weight of the package. It had to weight at least 25 to 30 pounds.
“What the hell did she buy?” Brenda asked out loud as she carried it up to the door with her. She rang the doorbell then waited.
“Oh hola senorita Brenda.” Lupe, the Brandt’s live in maid, greeted her. Brenda liked Lupe’s white, pressed, uniform complete with a lace apron in the front. It was a very unique design that the Brandt’s had created for their staff. Lupe was only one of their many housekeepers and staff but she was the only hired help that they had that lived there on a permanent basis. She had been working for the Brandt’s for the last 13 years, long before they had any children.
“Hola Lupe. Como estas?” She asked.
“Bien. Y tu?” Lupe returned as she stepped aside allowing Brenda all the way inside the house. It reminded her of a castle with its vaulted ceilings and unique artwork on the walls and the eccentric flooring throughout the house.
“Bien, gracias.” Brenda smiled.
“Mrs. Caroline will be here en un minuto.”
“Si. Muchos gracias Lupe.” Brenda smiled. She was glad she had paid attention in Spanish.
“Voy a decirle que usted esta aqui.” Lupe offered. Brenda nodded.
“That’d be great thank you. I’d really appreciate it if you told her I was here.” She relayed her understanding of what Lupe had said back to her in English. Lupe stared at her puzzled.
“Que?” She replied.
“Oh, triste. Yo realmente lo apreciaria si usted le dijo que yo estaba aqui.” Brenda interpreted.
“Si.” Lupe wiped her hands on the front of her white apron then turned and walked away.
“Gracias senorita.” Brenda giggled and waved down the hall at Lupe as she walked away. Now, where could she put Erin’s gift? She glanced around the entry hall and foyer curiously. She noticed some end tables but those had vases of flowers atop them. Two sat beneath mirrors on the wall and then two more tables were positioned between what Brenda knew to be very expensive Lichtenstein paintings.
“Hola Brenda.” Caroline called from the top of the staircase. Brenda had heard her shoes clicking on the hard floor before she had spoken. Brenda found the staircase fascinating. It had red carpet and brass handles on either side that Caroline took full advantage of holding onto as she walked her very petite frame down the stairs in her black stiletto heels and form fitting black gown with a low v-neck that exposed her cleavage and there was a lot there for such a tiny woman. Brenda could see Lupe out of the corner of her eye and could hear her muttering in Spanish about the misses touching the rails after she had just spent half the morning polishing them. If she wasn’t wearing those damn heels she might be able to get down without smudging them. Brenda stifled the giggle and let her gaze wonder down Caroline’s adorable figure, over the dress and spied the shoes in completion, taking in the full effect of what Lupe was muttering about. Brenda was staring at the dress that Caroline was wearing and couldn’t help but notice the very large split in the side of the dress that was going nearly up to her hip.
“Hola Caroline.” Brenda called up to her and waved after getting past the initial shock of her wearing such a revealing frock.
“You brought me a gift? Oh you didn’t have to.” Caroline teased Brenda as she reached the bottom and clicked her way over to her. They hugged briefly. Brenda liked her perfume, whatever sweet fragrance she was wearing.
“For Erin.” Brenda laughed and handed the box over to Caroline.
“Oh she’ll be so excited! She’s upstairs taking a bath now but will be down here shortly to drive your crazy!” Caroline laughed and then led Brenda to the kitchen.
“So, I ordered pizzas and gave them the credit card info. They’ll be here shortly. There’s a fridge full of every drink you can think of, hold the alcohol.” Caroline teased her. Brenda couldn’t help but laugh at the woman’s silliness. She was young but could not imagine where someone in her early forties, as Caroline was, got the energy that she had.
“Anyways, I’m meeting the husband so, I’m gonna run now. You girls have fun. Make them mind and Erin needs to pick up all her toys before she goes to bed.” Caroline instructed her.
“Oh and the cake for Erin’s part tomorrow is in the large freezer in the garage and some of the food has arrived, just little tidbits but the caterers are all suppose to be here tomorrow. She also wanted an ice sculpture of the characters from Scooby-Doo so, that cost a pretty penny but we got that done. I wouldn’t be surprised if some more stuff didn’t arrive later this evening. Just sign for it honey. Oh, that reminds me. I ordered Pria her own cake because she’s allergic to chocolate. That one is in the freezer in here.” Caroline went through a checklist quickly with Brenda.
“Now, I really hate to order you and run but unfortunately, as the hostess and guest of honor for this benefit, I have to be there earlier than anyone else to get ready. Have a great night!” Caroline took off at an interesting run down the hall. The dress she was wearing was clingy around her thighs and seemed to make it difficult for her to move at quick paces and then the shoes. The shoes were a whole new set of issues. Brenda giggled at the scuff marks the heels had left on Lupe’s freshly mopped and waxed floor. Brenda heard Lupe yelling from the opposite side of the house.
“Understood. Have fun!” Brenda waved at Caroline’s back as she hurried away.
“Maldita sea esa mujer! Ella no sabe lo que es un trabajo duro!” Lupe yelled loudly after the front door slammed closed.
Brenda died laughing as she hopped up onto the barstool and swung her feet in front of her. She was very curious as to what was in the box she had carried in but she’d wait until Erin opened it to find out. Brenda jumped off the barstool and headed to the fridge. She perused it and settled on a bottle of Coke which she then took to the living room. She made herself comfortable on the couch and started reading the book she had brought along with her. It was some new romance novel her mom had picked up but had yet to start reading. She was about two chapters in when she heard the front door open and close.
“Lupe?” She called and leaned forward. She glanced over the top of the high backed couch. There was no answer. Perhaps she was emptying the mop water or taking out the trash. She settled back against the couch and propped her feet back up in front of her. She had just gotten to the part where the woman had given into his kiss and his hands were caressing her breasts when she warm, fingertips tingling her cheek. Startled at first, she glanced next to her and then smiled.
“Hello you.” She leaned forward and met his kiss.
“Hello to you too.” He glanced around the room then returned his attention to her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her into the air.
“I’ve missed you.” He nibbled her bottom lip as he walked towards the staircase.
“Where have you been?” She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him again.
“Work baby.” He made his way down the hall with her and then into a nearby bedroom door. He closed the door behind him with his foot then slid her down onto the bed. Her dark hair splayed out over the pillows. He began peeling both their clothes off, never once, breaking their kiss. He slid deep inside of her. She arched and met his kiss, deepening it as his pace increased.
Twenty minutes later, he kissed her lips softly and stood up letting the sheet fall away thus revealing a well built, muscular man who was more than a little well endowed. She smiled and bit her lip as she watched him put his white, button up the front, dress shirt on.
“I have to shower and change and then meet Caroline at the benefit dinner. She’ll kill me if I run any later than I already am.” He kissed Brenda once again and then touched her nose playfully with his fingertips.
“Love you. Have fun with the girls. Thanks for coming by Brenda.” He hurried to the door and then out it leaving Brenda slightly perplexed. This was their fourth time together and it never was easy to get him to stay, but then again, if one of them didn’t have some sort of benefit to go to, then she would be out of a job. She got up and put her clothes on then remade the bed. She heard a noise in the doorway.
“Forget something?” She asked and then laughed. She turned her head expecting to see Tyler standing in the doorway. Instead, a large, dark figure seemed to loom there and then in a blink of an eye, literally, as soon as she blinked, it was gone.
“Tyler?” Brenda called as she made her way to the doorway. She didn’t get an answer. Instead she was attacked by two screaming girls with flailing arms wearing house shoes and pink pajamas with fairies on them.
“Brenda!” They screeched.
“Girls!” She wrapped them in a hug as they each slid down and took over one of her feet. She laughed and lugged them out of the room a step at a time. Once she was out, she closed the door behind her.
“My birthday is tomorrow.” Seven year old Erin informed her.
“Really? Are you sure?” Brenda teased as she sat her on the barstool. Lupe must have answered the door because the pizza was on the bar. She walked over and got a can of Sprite out of the fridge for each of them and then plates. She got another Coke for herself because she wasn’t sure what had happened to her first one but she didn’t see it in the living room now. She hopped up on a barstool next to the girls as they dug into the pizza. After dinner Brenda was cleaning up around the kitchen and putting the leftover pizza in the refrigerator when Erin came in lugging her birthday gift.
“Who’s this for?” Erin demanded. Brenda smiled.
“Oh someone special.” Brenda told her.
“Who?” Erin asked eagerly.
“Well, if I tell you then you have to open it for her.” Brenda teased. Erin squealed in delight and promptly sat down in the floor with the box. She tore through the happy birthday wrapping paper and flung the bow behind her. She reached inside and withdrew a My Dolly box. She screamed with delight!
“I’ve always wanted one of these!” She began hopping up and down with the box in her hand. Brenda frowned. She had always wanted a Dolly like that as well but she had never gotten one. Never mind, she was grown up now and didn’t play with dolls.
“Open it!” Erin demanded childishly. Brenda turned behind her and opened the knife drawer, withdrew a large cutting knife and cut through the seal on the box then withdrew the doll and unfastened the white ties behind her until she fell forward, loose in Brenda’s arms.
“Alright kid, here ya go. Now, you can play with her for a few minutes then its off to bed with you.” Brenda shuttled Erin up the stairs to her room. She checked on Pria who was being a ten year old and talking on the phone about how much she hated Jeremy Pratt.
“Goodnight. Don’t stay up too late.” Brenda warned and then closed her door, giving her some privacy. She knew, against her warning, that Pria would be on the phone all night long but she was a typical kid and it was a weekend and as long as she wasn’t bugging her, she didn’t care. She walked past Erin’s room to find her happily brushing the new dolls hair.
“Thank you Brenda! I love my new Dolly!” She yelled.
“You’re welcome. Bedtime soon.” Brenda reminded her before she made her way back down the stairs. She dug through her purse once she got back to the couch in search of her cell phone. She waited for her best friend Courtney to answer.
“Hello? Where are you?” Courtney asked curiously.
“The Brandt’s.” Brenda told her as she switched on the big screen TV. She wasn’t surprised it was on the sports channel. She flipped through the channels and stopped on the Lifetime Movie Network. Some girl was running for her life. Brenda was halfway paying attention but was more or less listening to Courtney talking.
“Anyways, so I was like yes! I’d love to go to the movies.” Courtney told her.
“So you’re going to the movies now then?” Brenda asked disappointed.
“Yeah, I didn’t know you were babysitting and I thought you’d be free.” Courtney replied.
“I was until I said yes. I was hoping you’d come hang out with me. You know, make my mom feel better about me being all alone in this big house.” Brenda teased. Courtney laughed.
“You’ve been there a hundred times.” Courtney was still laughing.
“Yeah, well anyways, forget the movies, come stay with me.” Brenda pleaded.
“Yeah okay, I’ll be there in a few.” Courtney promised. After Brenda hung up, she leaned back against the couch and started reading her book once again. This time, she didn’t foresee any interruptions.
The door to the basement creaked loud enough to get her attention. She had been sitting in the living room after having just put the kids to bed. She leaned forward and stared down the darkened corridor but saw nothing. She leaned back against the couch and reached for the book next to her that she was just beginning to be engrossed in. She opened the book and began reading where she had left off. No more than thirty seconds into her reading, She heard the first faint sound of footsteps coming from the hallway. She leaned forward once again, staring blindly into the darkened hallway. Nothing. Completely freaked out, she cleared her throat. The sound of footsteps could be heard again, this time from the kitchen. She laid the book down and flipped on the hall lights as she walked to the kitchen. She slid her hand alongside the wall until she found the light switch. She always hated being in other peoples houses where she didn’t know where anything was. Deciding that it had been her imagination or just the old house creaking, she walked the rest of the way into the huge, white kitchen with glassed in cabinets. She glanced around just for good measure. Sighing and chiding herself for being paranoid, she walked over to the industrial sized, stainless steel refrigerator. She opened the right side, spying the delicious looking cake specially made for Pria, then pulled out a bottle of Coke. She was unscrewing the cap when she heard the first giggle. She froze, cap halfway twisted off.
“Erin?” She called curiously to the youngest child who was notorious for getting up in the middle of the night wanting a glass of water. No answer. She closed the door. Nervously, she fingered the top of the bottle cap. Deciding there was nothing else she needed out of the fridge right then, she closed the door then turned to walk back to the living room to finish her book.
“Mamma.” The doll, standing at her feet spoke, startling her. Brenda jumped and screamed, the Coke bottle flying out of her hands and behind her, smacking the wall with force and busting open spewing Coke everywhere. Grasping her chest with one hand and her face with her other, trying to steady herself and her nerves. Anger replaced her fear quickly.
“Shit! Erin! I told you to keep your damn toys picked up!” She reached down and grabbed the doll by her blonde hair and brought her up to her face and stared at her closely. She grunted, only having been a doll kind of girl briefly until she didn‘t get the My Dolly, she had always wanted. She became more of a tomboy.
“You’re ugly for a doll.” Brenda practically spat it angrily at the doll whose wide blue eyes stared at her, blinking every few minutes.
“I really hate you.” She informed the doll then turned towards the bar behind her and dropped it down on the counter half hazard and carelessly. She turned back to the fridge, deciding that while she was up she mine as well get a snack. Her stomach began to growl and rumble in agreement with her thoughts. She reached into the fride and bent down digging in the meat drawer unaware of the doll that had hopped down off the counter and was now standing directly behind her. It slapped her hard on the ass. Brenda nearly jumped out of her skin. Before she could turn around, she heard the sound of giggling behind her. Forgetting that she was still partially bent over, she stood up quickly and banged her head on the shelf in front of her, lifting it off the brackets that were holding it into place. It slammed back down and shook the jars and cans in the fridge, rattling them together. She turned around expecting to find Erin standing behind her and was surprised when she wasn’t. Inadvertently, her gaze fell on the bar where she had laid the doll down. Confused, she began to glance around the kitchen.
“Erin?” She called in a somewhat shaky voice. Her mother was right, she shouldn’t be staying in this big house all alone. Still puzzled because the doll was not where she left it, she walked around the counter. Even going so far as to call for it.
“Dolly. Here Dolly.” She paused. “Now what the hell am I doing? It’s not a dog.” She sighed with irritation and tapped her fingers on top of the counter where she knew she had left the doll.
“I know I sat that damn doll right here.” Suddenly there was laughter behind her again but it had changed. It was different than before. This was no dolls laughter. It was deep, dark and terrifying to say the least. Spinning around to look behind her for what the laughter belonged to and once again, turning up empty. She touched her head and bit back the tears caused by fear and aggravation. She stood there taking deep breaths and calming her nerves. She gathered her wits and convinced herself that it was all in her head. It was Erin playing tricks on her or Courtney. Courtney could have gotten here and maybe that’s who she heard coming and in and out earlier. She convinced herself that this was nothing but child’s play. A sick and twisted game. If it was Courtney she’d get her revenge and if it was Erin, she’d beat that kid senseless when she got her hands on her. Just as she was about to walk out of the kitchen, something ran past her leg, slashing it as it did. Brenda screamed in pain then grabbed her leg frantically to try and stop the bleeding. The sound of evil laughter surrounded her. It was everywhere. It echoed through the kitchen. She covered her ears and screamed! Terrified, bleeding, hysterical and crying, she limped her way from the kitchen down a corridor that led to the indoor pool area. The blood had begin to trail and leave a pool everywhere she hobbled to. She could feel the wound burning and the skin flapping open as she hobbled. The blood had begun to cover her fingers in warm, maroon stickiness. Unable to keep traction in her flip flops she slipped and fell, sliding hands first through her own blood.
“Oh my God! Why!” She cried out the more she slipped through the blood the harder she tried to regain her balance. She slid once again, falling back to her hands and knees, now covered in head to toe blood. Behind her, she could here the monotonous footsteps she had heard when she was sitting on the couch earlier. The house was so large that they echoed all around her. She felt her stomach tightening in fear. Her breathing had become shallow both from the blood loss and anxiety setting in. She gave up on walking or running and crawled rapidly across the floor, using the blood to her advantage, giving her slide. She made it to the hallway and found a nearby closet. Quickly and quietly, she reached up and opened the door. She crawled inside and drew her legs to her chest, wrapping her arms around them and rocking back and forth. Her hair was stuck to her face. She was nauseated from the overwhelming smell of blood. Her whole body felt sticky from head to toe. Barely able to keep her eyes open, feeling dizzy, she just needed some sleep. Just needed to close her eyes for just a moment. She pushed some boxes aside and climbed behind them, then laid down, closing her eyes. She’d sleep, for just a moment.
Brenda awoke shivering and feeling fluish with a high fever. She had begun to sweat profusely and the bleeding had not stopped but had slowed a bit. She sat up in the closet and continued to tremble. It seemed as though she had been in there for what seemed like hours. Certain that whatever had been chasing her had given up now and had gone away, she reached up and opened pulled the gold, French-style handle downwards quietly. She pushed the door open slowly.
Once again she found that was staring into the darkened hallway. She used the doorframe to support her weight and pulled herself to her feet. She leaned against the white wall attempting to catch her breath. She hadn’t done that much, yet she found that she was awfully short-winded. She leaned against the wall, keeping all her weight to the left and off of her right leg which was still bleeding and now more so given that she was on the move again. She peered into the kitchen and immediately gagged at the sight of all of her blood. It looked like a kiddie pool right in front of the island that was set in front of the refrigerator. Knowing that she would need ice to slow the bleeding, she hobbled to the fridge and opened the freezer side. It was upon doing this, that she heard evil surrounding her again.
“Come play with Dolly.” The evil voice prompted her. Then laughed.
“Who‘s there! Who are you! What do you want! Leave me alone!” She screamed as she hobbled, still bleeding and terrified, down the hallway. She reached the end that opened back up into the living room. She peered into the darkened room, despite the glow of the lamps being on it was still hard to see. The rooms were so big that just two lamps on only shed light on the area they were in and those two lamps were on by the couch. She couldn’t see the staircase, doors, walls, windows or anything else.
“Erin?” She called in a shaky but hopeful voice.
“Wrong again.” A deep voice called from the darkness behind her. She felt its hot breath on her neck and spun around frantically, still unable to see.
“Who’s there!” She half screamed her demand, into the darkness. A huge figure moved behind her and wrapped its arm around her neck, then muffled her screams with its huge hand.
“Just call me Dolly.” He growled as he sunk his sharp, pointy teeth into her delicate, creamy neck. She thrashed and writhed against his body as she tried to fight her way free. With the arm that was wrapped around her, he lifted her feet off the floor and pulled her harder against his body. His free hand groped for her breasts as he turned her head and bit into the fresh side of her neck. Her body convulsed and shivered in his grasp. His hand moved down to the front of her jeans, breaking the button as he yanked them open. In one swift move, he had spun her to face him and yanked from the top of her collar down to the front of her jeans, removing the clothes from her body. Groping furiously with his bear sized claw at her breast he squeezed furiously, then covered her nipple with his mouth, sucking deeply. First the left and then the right. She continued to writhe in the hand that held her captive, while his free hand was left to explore her body. With great strength, she felt herself being hurled into the living room, then power slammed to the couch. Whatever had her was dark and large. Her vision was blurred and couldn’t make out a face. She felt something being shoved inside of her. It felt like she was being split in half. She screamed and reached for the face, digging her fingers into hot, soft flesh. He roared in anger and slapped her, knocking her head to the side and breaking her jaw. It hung nearly to her shoulder now. She screamed as whatever was inside of her only expanded more. The beast atop her growled furiously then roared as she continued to scream and claw at it. It’s mouth seized her nipples once again, this time, it tore her it from her body. Blood sprayed everywhere. It gurgled with pleasure as it lapped at the blood spewing from her body like a fountain. It reached over her head and grabbed the arm of the couch and began moving rapidly atop of her, thrusting her backwards into the arm as it screamed and growled with pleasure and she screamed and begged for mercy. There was no mercy, it only went faster. Soon it was a blur atop her and she could feel every bone in her body breaking. Just as quickly as it had taken her it stopped. Drool seeped from the edges of its crude, scaly mouth and began to pool on her face as it dripped down. A throaty chuckle escaped it.
“I bet you prefer the dolly now. Don’t you.” His voice was the epitome of evil. She trembled as she stared up at him.
“Time to die bitch.” His mouth went for her throat. He sunk his sharp, jagged teeth in and ripped her flesh away violently as it engorged itself with her body.
It was two o’clock in the morning before Caroline and Tyler Brandt arrived home. The house was completely dark, not even the glow of light was coming from the window for the living room.
“Do you think she fell asleep?” Caroline asked curiously as Tyler unlocked the front door.
“Hello?” Caroline called in a playful, high pitched voice. It could have been the alcohol that was helping her sing like a canary or the hour and the given fact that she was dead tired. Tyler fumbled with the keys in the door and then closed it behind him.
“Brenda?” Tyler called as his made his way through the foyer to the kitchen, his black dress shoes clicking against the floor as he walked. He was near the kitchen when he paused. From the corner of his eye, he saw something moving in the distance but going the opposite direction.
“Caroline?” He called after it. It paused and glanced back at him but he was still unable to make out what it was.
“That’s nice Dear but we need to find the sitter and pay her then make sure our children are okay. This is no time to be playing games.” He called after the figure. He squinted into the darkness.
“So help me, the first thing I am doing tomorrow is putting in motion activated sensors so that way lights turn on when there’s someone in the room.” He grumbled and stomped towards the fleeing shadow.
“Brenda honey is that you?” He called as he pursued the figure that seemed to be quickening its pace. He reached the end of the hall and looked left and then right. Right was a closet door and oddly, he knelt closer to see, there were blood smears in front of it. His heart was suddenly in his throat.
“Caroline!” He shouted. He didn’t see the figure slinking across the ceiling over him. He didn’t spot the drool the landed just next to his knee that he had on the floor as he slid his fingers through the blood smear.
“Caroline! There’s fresh blood here Caroline! Go get the girls and get out of the house!” He yelled. The shadow slinked down the wall next to him. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye and glanced up. Nothing was there. Realizing Caroline hadn’t answered him, he called again.
“Caroline!” He shouted.
“Wrong again lover.” The voice was deep, evil and growled as it popped up from behind him and put its claw beneath his neck.
“No! Wait! Please!” Tyler screamed.
“Love you Tyler. Thanks for stopping by.” It mocked before going for his neck viciously tearing away the skin, esophagus and then using both black claws, opened Tyler’s mouth as wide as it could and used its sharp, jagged teeth to rip out his tongue. It swung its head spraying the walls with blood as it engulfed his tongue ravenously, tipping its head back in pure satisfaction as the last of it slid down its throat.
Down the hall, Caroline had been upstairs to the bedrooms and had peered into each one. The girls appeared to be sleeping peacefully. She closed the doors and made her way down the hall. She noticed one of the guest bedroom doors was open.
“Lupe must have forgotten to close this.” She said out loud. She reached the door and pushed it open. The bed sheets were disheveled and pillows were strung about. She frowned.
“Now what the hell happened in here?” She said it loudly. She walked over to the side of the bed closest to the closet. She was examining it when a flash of gold from the floor caught her eye. She bent down and found a cufflink and not just any cufflink, one with T.B. etched into it.
“Tyler?” She said it confused. She stared around and spotted a pair of lacy, white panties hanging off the side of the bed near the top beneath a pillow.
“You’ve got to be kidding me.” She said in disbelief. She picked up the panties and closed her hand around the cufflinks. She stormed out of the bedroom and down the stairs forgetting she had on the stilettos and nearly killing herself going down the stairs as she missed one and slid butt first down the remaining five coming to a hard stop on the floor.
“Ouch!” She cried out but scurried angrily to her feet. She stomped down the hall towards the kitchen because that was the last place she had seen Tyler going.
“Tyler!” She shouted angrily.
“Tyler, you have a lot of explaining to do!” She shouted again. She stomped right past the corridor that Tyler had gone down, oblivious to his half eaten, bloody body laying in the middle of the floor. She reached the kitchen and froze.
“Erin!” She shouted more confused than anything because she had just checked and the child appeared to have been in her bed. Instead, she was staring at her sitting on the kitchen floor, in front of the fridge, covered with cake from head to toe.
“Erin! Just what in the bluest of blue hells are you doing!” Caroline pointed an accusing, angry finger at her.
“I’m eating cake bitch, shut the fuck up!” She growled at her. Caroline’s mouth fell open. She leaned closer. That was not the voice of her little girl.
“Erin?” She squatted down in front of her. She continued devouring the cake.
“Erin honey, its okay. I can get a new one. It’s alright.” Caroline reached for her. Erin’s eyes met hers and they were not her child’s but black as night with red centers.
“Erin?” Caroline’s voice trembled as did the hand she was reaching for her with.
“No!” She screamed and threw the cake at Caroline, covering her in it. It dripped from Caroline’s hair and was smeared on the front of her dress. She heard the garage door open and then slam close.
“Erin!” She called and ran after her, forgetting about the cake and sliding in it. As she ran past, she noticed the puddle of blood and panic engulfed her. Was Erin hurt? Was she bleeding? What had happened and where the hell was Brenda? Caroline dashed down the darkened hallway and threw open the garage door. She ran down the steps and slid into her husbands black Macerate. The garage door raised then lowered, then raised and lowered again. Her heels clicked on the concrete as she walked through the darkness, barely able to see until the door lifted letting a little light spill in. A hand shot out and grabbed her ankle, throwing her off balance and dragging her beneath the White, Cadillac Escalade.
“Stop! Help me! Stop!” Caroline screamed and pleaded. The laughter continued but this was a child’s laughter. A playful laugh.
“Please Erin! Please! Don’t hurt mommy!” She begged. The hand released her ankle and Caroline scurried out from beneath the SUV. She climbed half hazard like to her feet, almost losing her balance again and falling. She could see a dark image, a child’s image in the doorway of the garage from which she had come.
“Erin.” She called as she cried.
“Wrong again.” It laughed an evil laugh. Caroline screamed and turned towards the garage door that was still lifting and falling. She fell to her knees and turned to her butt staring upwards at the child that was now coming towards her. Caroline screamed again and rolled to her knees.
“Please. Please. Don’t hurt me.” Caroline begged as she continued to crawl. She had reached the door and was sticking her hands beneath the opening. She laid flat on her stomach and was attempting to crawl beneath it when it slammed shut on top of her. She screamed and dug her fingernails into the concrete in front of her. She ripped the nails from her fingers and began to gush blood.
“Hurt you? I’m not going to hurt you.” Erin danced happily around her. Caroline’s insides had been squashed. From the impact, her skin had split open and they now spilled out around her. Her hands were making swimming motions in front of her and from the looks of it, she was swimming through her own blood. Blood began seeping from her eyes and her mouth as her body continued to seize uncontrollably as Caroline continued making moaning and gurgling sounds.
“I’m going to kill you mercilessly.” Erin’s voice was not her own but a deep, evil growl instead.
“Time to die mommy.” Erin’s voice returned and she whistled a happy tune as she began chewing on her mothers leg.

One Week Later
Katie McComb

16 year-old-Katie McComb was your average teenager. She wasn’t tall but she wasn’t short. She had fair skin. Sometimes she found that it was irritatingly fair. Especially when her friends were playing at the beach and sloshing through the rolling waters of the ocean, she would be stuck beneath an umbrella with her mother smearing her body with annoying, white, sticky sunscreen that would surely wash off or be ineffective in the water if she was to try to join in the fun. She was never really prone to liking her very kinky, very curly bright red hair. She tried to keep it at least to her neck in length because if it was too short, it stuck out on both sides making it appear as though she had stuck her wet finger in a light socket and that was the end result.
It was four thirty Friday afternoon and the day was just as the weatherman had predicted that morning it would be, it was sunny and bright in New Haven, Connecticut. From where she was walking, she could smell the ocean. Katie strolled along at a somewhat leisurely, unhurried pace, listening to the birds chirping in the trees. She rather enjoyed the solace she found in the huge trees with multi-colored leaves. The city had done a very good job placing them for this particular area as they were all well groomed and perfectly spaced apart on either side of the sidewalk. This was also a gated community with a guard shack on either side of the road. One for each part of the gated community. The wind blew gently and she could just make out a soft rustling sound from the leaves. One of her favorite past times was studying art. That was part of the reason that she rather enjoyed this suburban area. She loved going this way when she walked home because it reminded her of having the feel of something out of a painting. It was purely picturesque with brightly colored houses, perfectly manicured lawns with lounge sets on large, wooden decks. These weren’t just any lounge sets. These were the iron, padded kind with extended sleeper type lounge chairs and deep set chairs that just looked inviting. These were placed around large, round tables with umbrellas coming up from the center. This fascinated Katie. She had a vivid imagination and would picture people laughing and sipping lemonade as they sat around at their family gatherings, waiting for the men to grill up delicious things to eat. She closed her eyes and breathed in the ocean air once again as she imagined the sound of giggling children laughing as they played. They squealed with delight as they ran through the yards water sprinklers and mad a mad dash to the pool where they splashed and played pool games like Marco Polo. She opened her eyes, wishful that her life could be that perfect. She walked another six blocks to her house. Her street was nothing like the one she favored so much. It had trees but they were not well manicured. They hung lifelessly, uncared for mostly as the owners didn’t take much pride in their yards. Mrs. Fields lived three houses down from her own. She was the only one on their block who had a green thumb. Now she had a swell garden. Mrs. Fields also had rose bushes that kept buds on it year round. A secret, the old woman never would tell. Katie had pricked her finger once on the thorns as she tried to decide whether they were real or fake, just before four foot, grey haired, grossly thin and bony, Mrs. Fields ran out of her house shouting at her “get out of my garden orphan child!” That had hurt Katie’s feelings. She had run home crying but had gotten no sympathy from the foster parents that “took care” of her. They took care alright, of themselves and their own four children. Two girls and two boys and all of them were retched, selfish brats who were mean natured and spent their time tormenting the other three children that lived in the house. Her being one of the other three children that they picked on daily. Katie had once had a doll. She remembered when she was five, her grandmother Rose, had given it to her for her birthday. Her dolly had, had blonde hair and big blue eyes. She made crying and laughing sounds, gurgled and even walked when she was sat down on the floor. She came with clothes too. Katie’s favorite thing to dress her in was a pink dress with lace around the collar and sleeves with white baby doll shoes. Her dolly, though plastic, was soft and against her body would absorb her body heat and then the doll would become warm, just like a real baby. She took it everywhere with her. Her and Dolly. That’s what she had named her. She was only five and that seemed like a great name. She was riding in the car with her parents one Saturday morning. They were going to get ice cream and then to the pond in the park to feed the ducks. She remembered her parents holding hands in the front seat and laughing and then the next thing she knew, there was a crash and the sound of glass breaking. Her parents died and she was the only one who survived. She didn’t have a mark on her. Not even a scratch, despite the back window shattering on her and the passenger side window she was sitting next to. Her grandmother Rose, had taken her in to live with her until Katie was ten. Then, she died suddenly. That’s when Katie was sent to live with this family. She was sixteen now and it had been the worst six years of her life living with them. The first day she had gotten there, Toby, their oldest son who is the meanest of them all, took Dolly and ripped her clothes off. Then he stuck her in the bathtub under the water and watched while Katie screamed and cried and fell to her knees and begged. It was the only thing she had left that she had, had with her family. He didn’t listen. He shoved her over and kicked her hard in the stomach as he ran out the bathroom door and down the stairs to the kitchen. By the time Katie made it down the stairs, he had a boiling pot of water and Dolly was already in it. Then, when he wasn’t satisfied that, that was cruel enough, while Katie screamed and begged some more for him to stop and pleaded for him to just give her, her Dolly, he then took a candle lighter and lit Dolly’s hair on fire. Katie screamed and cried. She had made such a connection with the doll, she could literally feel its pain.
“Please Toby! Please!” Katie screamed. He laughed and finished lighting Dolly on fire. “Cedric, his younger brother by two years, held her with her arms yanked behind her and pushed her head forward to force her to watch Dolly melt away on the kitchen floor. She was on her hands and knees next to the plastic, burnt mess when Gina, her foster mother, arrived home.
“What have you done now!” She shouted as she dropped the paper bags of groceries down on the island she had in the kitchen.
“It wasn’t me.” Katie cried.
“Yes it was mom! We watched her burn that poor doll!” Elizabeth, or Lizzy rather, lied.
“And you wonder why we don’t buy you nice things. Look at this mess!” Gina continued to rant and shout.
“Yeah, no wonder you don’t have nice things.” Susan, the oldest of the four of them piped up.
“You’re grounded. Go to your room.” Gina pointed in the direction of the stairs. Her room was in the basement where the water leaked and the furnace growled, the washer squealed and the dryer shook and howled. She hated it when Gina was using anything down there. It smelled musty and had black patches of mildew on the yellow walls.
Later that same night when Katie had emerged from her room, someone had nailed Dolly’s burnt head to the inside of the basement door. Her blonde hair was stringy and black but still blonde in a few places. One of her blue eyes was missing and it broke Katie’s heart to look at the melted mess of her beloved Dolly.
Katie passed Mrs. Fields house and a few short minutes later turned onto the sidewalk that led up to the front door of the place she would be forced to call home for at least another two years. She had been reading family law books at the public library and had done her research on court ruled emancipation. She was hoping to apply for that soon but she needed money and she knew she wouldn’t be able to get it from the foster family. She often wondered if there was any end in sight.
She groaned and turned the door knob to the large, white, wooden front door. She had just made it past the kitchen and was nearly to her bedroom door, AKA the basement, when she heard Gina call for her. What could she have done now? She hadn’t even been home. She dropped her pink book bag that use to be Liz’s four years ago, down in front of the door and then walked to the kitchen. Gina was sitting in the brightly and horrifically painted, bright yellow, kitchen.
“Hey Gina.” Katie greeted her. She figured if she could kill her with kindness long enough, maybe the hatred in the woman would just die or maybe, she’d just die period.
“There’s a woman who needs a sitter. She called for you.” Gina informed Katie as she eyed her suspiciously. Katie stared at her blankly.
“Did she have the right number?” Katie asked confused.
“You are Katie McComb are you not?” She asked snidely. Katie nodded. Gina tore a piece of paper off of the white notepad she had sitting in front of her and handed it to Katie, more like threw it at her but Katie just ignored the hateful gesture and took the paper from her hands.
“Your details are written on the paper.” Gina picked up the book she had been reading and became engrossed in the pages again.
“Oh one more thing.” Gina marked the book with a yellow book mark. The way she was attracted and drawn to the color yellow bothered Katie deeply. She couldn’t wait to move away from there. She would never have anything yellow around her again.
“Yeah?” Katie paused in the doorway of the kitchen and turned back around to face Gina.
“A package arrived for you today. It’s in your room.” Gina informed her. Katie continued to stare at her blankly.
“A package?” She was even more confused about the package than the opportunity to babysit.
“Yeah, you know box, white, your name is on it.” Gina broke it down for her impatiently, then waved her off. Katie decided to leave before any other surprises were thrown her way.
When she reached her bedroom door again, she anxiously threw it open and ran down the stairs and to her bed. She shoved her book bag off the bed and let it hit the floor with a bang. The box, as Gina had said it did, had her name on it and was sitting on the floor next to the bed. It was a cylinder shaped box that was only a few feet tall. It came to about the top of her calve. There was no senders information on it but Katie didn’t seem to mind. Intrigued, she tore through the tape that had it closed and yanked open the top. She gasped as her eyes fell on what was inside. She bit her lip as she reached in and pulled her up gently. Katie stared into blue, captivating eyes, just like Dolly had, had. Tears streamed down her face as she pulled it close to her chest. She twisted her body back and forth on the bed as she gently swayed. She began singing Hush Little Baby, just like her grandmother had done with her. It was the most beautiful and wonderful gift she had, had in so long.
“I’ll always cherish you.” She whispered as she stared into Dolly’s blue eyes.
“Katie! Phone!” Gina yelled from the top of the staircase. Katie was terrified to leave Dolly out, fearing that she might have the same fate as the first one. Contemplating what to do, she quickly laid her between the pillows on the bed and then covered her with the pink and blue quilt with yellow flowers on it. Clearly, one that Gina had picked out.
“Be right back Dolly. Don’t move.” Katie giggled and teased the doll as she sprinted from the room and up the stairs. Katie froze on the first step of the stairs when she heard a giggle coming from behind her. She started to take another step but heard the giggle again followed by a loud cry then another giggle. She turned around slowly and looked at the bed. It was just as she had left it. Puzzled, she turned to go back up the stairs. Each step that she took brought more giggles and then cries from behind her. Her heart began to race as she took another three steps. The giggling was closer this time. She turned quickly and found Dolly standing at the bottom of the staircase staring up at her with her arms outstretched and her mouthing “mamma.” Katie gasped and staggered backwards hitting her head on the bottom of the step.
“Katie! Phone!” She heard the faint shouting of Gina’s high pitched voice. She opened her eyes and the room spun a bit at first. Silver stars danced in front of her eyes. She sat up and stared down the stairs at the linoleum floor as she vaguely remembered what had happened. Dolly wasn’t there now. Katie couldn’t help but wonder if she ever had been. She put her hands on the stairs and turned her body, pushing off of them and then hurried up the rest of the stairs.
“What the hell took you so long? This woman has called twice to speak to you.” Gina shoved the black, cordless phone into Katie’s chest.
“Ouch.” She mumbled.
“What?” Gina spun around, her short, bony structure not looking like much but it was enough to intimidate Katie.
“Nothing.” Katie grumbled.
“Hello? This is Katie.” She answered the phone.
“Hi Katie. My name is Caroline Brandt.” The woman started. Katie knew the name Brandt sounded familiar. She was trying to remember where she knew the name from.
“I don’t expect you to know who I am. Anyways, I have a daughter who is in dire need of a sitter and I was wondering if you were available. I tried calling earlier but your mother said you weren’t home yet.” She informed her.
“She isn’t my mother.” Katie said it a bit harsher than she had meant to.
“Okay. My apologies. My daughter’s names are Pria. She’s eight.” Caroline Brandt continued. I also have one more, Erin. She’s seven.
“S-sure I’m free.” Katie nodded her head in agreement.
“Excellent. Could you be here in the next forty five minutes? I have a benefit that I am attending with my husband, perhaps you’ve heard of him. Tyler Brandt.” She continued. Katie frowned.
“The plastic surgeon that’s on the side of busses and benches?” Katie asked puzzled and unsure. She heard Caroline giggle.
“Yes, that is one in the same. We have a charity benefit to go to this evening.” She explained.
“Okay. Hey, Mrs. Brandt.” Katie started.
“Yes dear?” She replied.
“How did you get my name and number?” Katie asked curiously. “You know, it was the strangest thing. I really don’t remember I just stumbled upon it this afternoon.” She explained. Katie shrugged.
“Okay, well thank you.” Katie told her.
“My address is 2707 Gateway Place. In the gated community.” She informed her. Katie listened as Caroline gave her directions to her house and the code to get into the gate.
“I’ll leave your name with the guard. Thanks again, see you soon.” Caroline hung up.
“I have to go babysit.” Katie handed the phone back to Gina who had leaned against the counter listening to the entire conversation.
“Well clearly. Get your things and I’ll drive you.” She told her. Gina wasn’t usually this nice. Katie wondered if “I’ll drive you” meant she was going to drive her to the other side of town and dump her off there and make her late to babysit and lose the first job she’d ever had.
“O-okay.” Katie hurried from the kitchen and down the stairs to her bedroom. It dawned on her as she tripped over her book bag on the floor next to the bed that she hadn’t brought it down stairs. She shrugged and wondered if she had just hit her head harder than she had thought she had. She grabbed dolly from beneath the covers and stuffed her quickly into her book bag and then ran back up the stairs. Her book bag smacking her hip and thrusting her forward with the weight of the books inside of it, as she ran.
“Okay, all ready.” Katie told Gina breathlessly.
The ride to the Brandt’s house was about fifteen minutes from their own home.
“I always liked this neighborhood.” Gina began to talk. Katie arched an eyebrow. It was very unusual for Gina to ever say anything to her, more less have a conversation with her. It was as if Gina was treating Katie half way human today. Katie remained silent.
“I wanted a house over here. I use to dream about it as a kid and then I married Jimmie after my fiancĂ© and high school sweetheart, Michael, was killed.” Gina’s voice trailed off at the mention of her past, apparently it was still very heartbreaking for her. Katie, again, remained quiet. She couldn’t help but notice the haunting look in Gina’s eyes.
“I was pregnant with Toby and I didn’t want anyone to know. I knew Jimmie had been in love with me for a while and so, I slept with him. A few months later, I told him I was pregnant and then we got married. He never made me work but he only makes enough to get us by but not to live well on. That’s when we started taking in foster kids.” She continued to ramble as if Katie were her best friend, instead of one of the foster children she was referring to who is apparently her cash cow.
“Now, we live a very comfortable life. The house and cars are paid for, college funds are set up for our kids and life is good. As far as finances are concerned but my life will never be complete.” Gina halfway glanced at Katie. She pulled the car to a complete stop at the gate and rolled the window down. A tall, dark haired man with tanned skin stuck his head out of the guard shack.
“Can I help you?” His voice did not match his appearance. It was fairly deep and pitchy.
“Gina Schmidt dropping off Katie McComb to babysit for the Brandt’s.” Gina informed the guard. He stuck his head back in, read a list, made a call then opened the gate.
“Will you be picking her back up as well?” The guard asked Gina curiously. Katie watched the looks that were being traded back and forth between them. She might be young but she was by no means stupid.
“Yes, I’ll be back through shortly and then to pick her up whenever she finishes sitting.” Gina smiled a brilliant smile at the guard. He returned it and grabbed his blue hat by the front and tipped it towards her in a gentlemen like gesture.
“I look forward to it.” He blathered. Gina waved as she pulled through.
“Nice man.” She told Katie as she drove through the gated community.
“Beautiful lawns.” Gina nodded approvingly and grimaced at the thought of her dead grass that badly needed fertilizing and to be cut but Jimmie hated it when they ran the water. He said they weren’t trying to impress anyone with their place and to just be glad they had a roof over their heads and not worry about the damn yard. Nobody else was gonna pay their water bill but they were gonna enjoy the view. Gina pulled around to the back of the property to a huge, blue three story house. Katie groaned.
“It has yellow shutters!” Gina squealed with pleasure and clapped. Katie rolled her eyes. She would never understand what that womans obsession with yellow would be.
“Terrific.” Katie said as she opened the door and grabbed her book bag.
“Be good Katie girl.” Gina told her. Katie paused and glanced over her shoulder at Gina. No one had called her that since she was a baby. It was a family nickname for her. No one outside her family knew it.
“Bye.” Katie half entranced replied as she got out of the car and closed the door. She made her way up the front steps of the large house, staring all around her at the immaculate yard, gardens, trees and the pond with a flowing stream. It was like heaven to her ears. Maybe she could take a walk out there later and look at it. She thought hopefully as she reached up and rang the doorbell. Though it was a nicer version, much nice version that is, somehow this house reminded her of the Addams Family mansion. The door was opened by a somewhat tall, pudgy man with balding hair in the back, a receding hairline in the front and whimsical bouts of grey strands hanging amuck.
“And you are?” He asked through beady black eyes.
“I’m Katie McComb. Mrs. Brandt is expecting me.” She informed the man.
“One moment please.” He closed the door practically in her face. She heard the gold, lions head knocker bounce up and down from the force. A few moments later she heard fussing on the other side of the door then it flew open and a blonde woman with flushed cheeks, her hair pulled up atop her head with wavy tendrils falling around her highest cheek bones, wearing bright red lipstick and blue eyes that reminded Katie of pictures of the ocean where there were dark blue spots.
“I am so, so sorry about that Katie. That’s Willham and he’s a pompous old windbag who has worked for my family for years. My parents moved to a smaller house and they didn’t need him anymore so I got landed with him but wont you come in dear. Lovely to meet you, I’ve heard such wonderful things about you.” Caroline rattled on. The door slammed rather loudly behind Katie causing her to jump.
“Now, you should have a rather easy night. The children are all in bed now. They’ve been bathed, eaten and are all tuckered out. If you have any problems at all, my number is on the fridge.” Caroline kissed her cheek softly, lingering a bit to, what seemed to Katie, smell her.
“Delightful child. Delightful. Thank you for coming on such short notice. We’ll be back late. Do you have plans?” Caroline asked. Katie arched a curious eyebrow at her. Why would she have agreed to babysit if she had, had plans.
“Excellent. Well, I’ll be happy to drive you home then afterwards. Make sure to help yourself to anything in the house honey.” Caroline was a very upbeat woman with a lot of energy. Katie noted.
“O-okay then. Thanks again.” Katie nodded.
“Right, also, Lupe is our live in housekeeper. She comes in and out at all hours. The house is old, it creeks then she opens and closes doors constantly but I wouldn’t let it bother you too much. Feel free to watch television, we have a rather large one in the living room that I have yet to figure out how to work yet.” She informed her.
“Thanks you again.” Katie offered. Caroline turned to face her. In the dimness of the hallway, Katie would have sworn the bubbly woman’s eyes were no longer a yummy blue but a terrifying red. She seemed to have a darkness about her as she stood there.
“Something wrong dear? Did you forget something?” Caroline stepped out of the shadows and back into the light and her normal skin tone and blue eyes were as they were to begin with. Katie shook her head.
“No. Just a new place. Trying to get the feel of it.” Katie answered honestly. Caroline smiled.
“You’ll be fine dear. Now, I really must go before I am late. My husband is the guest of honor tonight.” She tapped her wrist where a diamond encrusted watch lay. Katie liked the way that she looked in the white evening gown that was virtually sleeveless and very form fitting. It went all the way to the floor over a pair of shiny, white, high heeled shoes and even had a train in the back. Katie stood in the hallway staring from left to right. To her left it looked like there was a living area. To her right a kitchen area and in front of her a staircase with red carpet and gold bars on either side. Katie was a bit thirsty so she opted for the fridge in the kitchen. She wasn’t disappointed. Inside she found an assortment of drinks. She settled on a bottle of Coke. Katie closed the door then leaned against the stainless steel absorbing the coolness from it. She closed her eyes for a moment then decided to give herself a tour of the house. She didn’t really have any friends that she could call to come and stay with her. Well, one. She was kind of friends with a girl named Courtney Pratt. She didn’t live to far from the Brandt’s house. She had been to her house only a couple of times but she had gone in through the other gate to get to it. That security guard was much less flirty than this one had been. Katie wondered down the hallway and paused to pick up her pink book bag from the floor next to the front door. She bent down and reached for the strap.
“Hola?” She heard a females voice behind her. It startled her so she jumped and screamed and dropped the bag to the ground letting the top flap fall open. She didn’t notice Dolly’s head was poking out.
“Oh h-hi um. Hello.” Katie finally responded.
“Mi nombres es Lupe. Cual es su nombre?” Lupe stood before Katie in her normally perfect, white, pressed uniform but no lace on the front of her apron today. It was just a plain, white apron that extended down over the top of her thighs.
“Sorry?” Katie asked confused. Lupe frowned.
“Ok, well, I’m Katie. All I got out of what you said was Lupe.” Katie told her. She nodded her head.
“Si. Lupe.” Lupe nodded her head up and down in agreement.
“Okay great. Well, I’m going to walk around the house. I’ve never been here before.” Katie informed her. Lupe’s eyes widened, fearful almost.
“Usted debe irse. Es muy peligroso aqua. Esta familia no es la misma.” Lupe began to rant in a panicked voice as she raised her hands and gestured around the house. Katie stared at her awe stricken, unsure of what to say at this point. Katie hadn’t taken much Spanish yet so she was going to give it her best shot.
“No entiendo espanol.” Katie bit her lip in hopes that Lupe had understood what she had said and that she had not just asked to eat the cat, marry the cow and make love to a tree while being beaten with lollipops.
“Oh no.” Lupe shook her head dismayed. She still had a frightened expression on her face. She tapped her little, white shoe clad foot and stared thoughtfully at Katie.
“Es babysitter?” Lupe managed in a very strong Mexican accent.
“Si.” Katie nodded her head. This one she knew. Lupe continued to stare at her.
“Por Que estas aqui? No hay ninos aquai.” Lupe told her hurriedly as she glanced around her suspiciously. Katie frowned and shook her head.
“All I got out of that was something about water, babies and hay. Is there a barn here? Maybe near the stream and that’s where the kids are?” Katie tried to break this down.
“No, no, no.” Lupe threw her hands in the air impatiently.
“Okay well, I’m gonna go now. You have a good night. Mrs. Brandt said the girls were already in bed sleeping for the night.” Katie informed Lupe in the hopes that she at least understood what Katie was saying. Lupe’s eyes widened again. Katie sighed. She needed to call Courtney. She knew for a fact that Courtney spoke perfect Spanish. Her step-mom was Spanish and she had been living with them since she was about ten. Lupe stomped her feet and grabbed a hold of Katie’s arms pulling her towards her abruptly and startling Katie. The woman was fairly petite but her strength was profound.
“Que esta mintiendo no hay ninos aqui debes irte! No es seguro! El Diablo esta aqui!” Lupe practically shouted at Katie. She frowned and broke free of the strong grasp but it took most of her strength to do it.
“Listen Lupe. Thank you for your help though I have no idea what in the hell you are saying, I truly appreciate it. Again, all I got from that was babies and this time something about a devil. I’ll see you around. Don’t work too hard.” Katie turned and picked up her bag, closing the top back but not before Lupe saw the dolls head and began shouting and pointing, further startling Katie.
“Katie! El bebe! La muneca es el Diablo! El bebe! La muneca es el Diablo!” Lupe screamed repeatedly at her, now hopping up and down and pointing. Katie watched this unsure of what to think about the scene. She sat the bag down on the ground and opened the top. Lupe was grabbing her face in an act of horror as Katie gently lifted Dolly out of her bag.
“It’s just my Dolly. I had one as a kid but then my step-brother killed it. I mean, he broke her. I just got this one today but I don’t know who from. It was all I had of my family. They were killed when I was only ten.” Katie explained while holding the doll out towards Lupe. She began screaming hysterically and repeating “El bebe! La muneca es el Diablo!” As she ran away leaving Katie holding her new Dolly in her hands and being more confused than ever. She turned the doll around to face her and looked her over thoroughly. There was not a thing scary about this doll. She was the most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes on.
“Well, I still love you. I don’t know what she said but I think instead of Lupe she should be called Loopy.” Katie kissed the doll and hugged her gently to her chest. She walked to the living room and dumped her book bag down on the couch. She let out a sigh then turned towards the staircase. She paused for a second and looked around the house. Where the hell was the telephone or did everyone here use cell phones? Maybe it was upstairs. Katie decided and she and her Dolly began the fairly distant walk up the slightly steep staircase. They reached the top finally. Satisfied, Katie glanced both directions and then decided to go to the right first. She could hear music coming from that direction, that’s why she decided. As she drew closer, she noticed that the music had changed directions and seemed to be coming from the opposite direction. It would play and then stop and then play again, then after a few minutes stop. Katie shook her head and got to the first closed door. She opened it quietly and peaked in to see a sleeping, dark haired child with the covers pulled nearly up to her chin and a light carousel that was sitting on her bedside table. It was illuminating a blue glow and spinning stars around her room. That was fairly interesting. She almost wished she had, had one growing up. She closed the door silently and made her way down to the next room. She saw an orange glow from beneath the door and frowned. She thought Mrs. Brandt said the children were asleep. She shrugged and opened the door. This was the oldest daughters room. She was sitting on the floor with her back against the bed flipping through a magazine. She had music playing. Sounded a lot like the Rap Artist, Eminem. Maybe she had a phone. Katie thought and opened the door further.
“Hi, you must be Pria. I’m Katie. Your mom called me to babysit you.” Katie walked into the pink bedroom with flowers painted on the wall. She had interesting hot pink, fluffy carpet with several large, flower shaped rugs that were, unfortunately, yellow in color. Pria glanced up at her from her magazine.
“Pria.” The girl said her name but it sounded odd coming from her. Maybe she had a cold. She sounded stuffy and her voice was a bit gruff.
“Listen, I was wondering if you had a cell phone up here that I could borrow.” Katie went on, ignoring the way that she had said her name. Pria stared at her blankly.
“Yeah I know some kids have them and some kids don’t. I have a foster family so I’m one of the kids who doesn’t but I figured, you might.” Katie explained. Pria cocked her head to the side and stared at Katie curiously. She pointed to her dresser. Katie glanced and found a cell phone.
“May I borrow your phone please?” Katie asked hopeful. Pria nodded her head and even gave a forced smile.
“Okay, I understand you’re old enough to babysit yourself. I won’t bother you. I won’t stay in here with you either if its okay that I take your cell phone from the room.” Katie offered. Again, she only nodded. Katie was becoming increasingly concerned.
“Hey one more thing Pria.” Katie started. She could see impatience in Pria’s eyes and apparently when she was impatient, they changed color. At first they were blue now they seemed to be black. She debated on saying anything at all. She hurried over to the dresser, picked up the phone and returned to the door.
“Thanks.” Katie closed it quickly then practically ran down the stairs back to the living room, clutching Dolly to her chest.
“I don’t think she liked me too much Dolly.” Katie nuzzled the doll with her nose as she punched in Crystal’s number.
“Hello?” A confused voice answered.
“Hey Crystal. It’s Katie. Katie McComb.” She told her.
“Katie! I tried calling your house but no one answered.” Crystal informed her.
“Oh. I’m at the-” She paused at the sound of a door opening and closing at the top of the staircase.
“You’re where?” Crystal asked.
“I’m at the Brandt’s house babysitting.” Katie informed her. Crystal was silent.
“The Brandt’s?” She said the name as if it was forbidden to speak it.
“Yeah.” Katie stared up at the top of the staircase and could make out Pria’s figure standing there.
“Pria, I’m still on your phone. Did you need it?” Katie called up to her. Pria just stared at her blankly almost like she was looking through her.
“Katie. I’ll be there in a second.” Crystal said it concerned.
“Yeah, I was going to see if you would come and stay with me. I’m just a little weirded out by the size of this house and Pria is acting, I don’t know like she is either sick or possessed.” Katie half jokingly, half seriously told Crystal.
“I know that Lupe, the maid works there. Did you see or talk to her?” Crystal asked curiously. It sounded now like she was getting into a car. Katie could hear the familiar ding of it being turned on.
“Yes, she startled me and she speaks Spanish and I only speak English.” Katie laughed. Crystal was silent.
“Do you remember anything, anything at all that she said to you? Even in parts.” Crystal asked. Katie was quiet.
“You know what, this is going to sound strange so don’t judge me.” She started.
“I don’t judge, its not my job.” Crystal told her. She could hear Crystal checking in with the guard which meant she wasn’t that far away. Katie picked up her Dolly and walked to the front door and opened it. She stepped outside and into the circle driveway. From where she was standing, she could see the black Mercedes tearing down the pavement towards her. Katie waved.
“My grandmother gave me a My Dolly for my fifth birthday. I kept it until I was ten and my parents were killed and I was forced to go and live with my foster family. The first day that I was there, the oldest boy, Toby, destroyed my doll. I was crushed and heartbroken because it was the only thing I had left in the world to remind me of my family that had died. Today, I got a package in the mail with this same doll in it. I am so excited by it or I was, well I still am but I think Lupe might have a problem with my doll.” Katie explained.
“Why?” Crystal came to a stop in the circular drive in front of Katie and got out of the car. She closed the door and then walked towards her, pausing to lean against the hood of the car.
“Because, when she startled me, I dropped my book bag and the top fell open. She ranted for thirty minutes about things I didn’t understand, hay and water and babies and then I bent down and picked up my bag and she saw Dolly. That’s when she began screaming at me” Katie paused as she tried to remember what she had said “El bebe! La muneca es el Diablo.” Katie informed Crystal.
“She said The baby! The doll is the Devil!” Crystal stared at Katie.
“I don’t- I don’t understand. What does she have against plastic and blue eyes?” Katie shook her head. Crystal bit her lip.
“What else did she say?” She asked. Katie shook her head and sighed.
“This probably will be wrong when I say it but I’m going to try.” Katie told Crystal who nodded in understanding. I told her that Mrs. Brandt told me the children were already in bed sleeping for the night. She told me “Que esta mintiendo no hay ninos aqui debes irte! No es seguro! El Diablo esta aqui!” Crystal covered her mouth.
“What? Is that bad? Are they grounded?” Katie asked worried, feeling sorry for the girls. Crystal shook her head.
“No. She said, that’s lying. There are no children here. You’ve got to go! You are not safe here! The devil is here.” Crystal interpreted it for her.
“I don’t understand. The devil is everywhere but why is she specifically saying that he’s in the house?” Katie asked confused.
“I don’t know but did you happen to see Brenda while you were in there?” Crystal asked.
“No. Why? Brenda who?” Katie asked confused.
“My friend Brenda Watkins babysat for them last weekend. I talked to her last Friday night. I was suppose to come over but my mom made me go to the movies with my other friends because I had already “made a commitment.” Crystal quoted her mother, raising her fingers in the air.
“She didn’t call when she got home?” Katie asked worried.
“Nobody has heard from her. She isn’t at school and she isn’t at her house.” Crystal told her.
“And you think she is here still?” Katie pointed behind her at the house.
“I don’t know Katie but you should listen to Lupe. Don’t go back in that house.” Crystal shook her head.
“But Crystal, I have to. The girls-” Katie pointed.
“There are no girls in that house.” Crystal shook her head. Katie stared at her curiously.
“Crystal how do you know and why are you just now telling me this? Why didn’t you mention it earlier?” Katie demanded frustrated with her friend.
“Lupe is friends with our maid.” Crystal started. Katie waited.
“Okay. It happens.” Katie started to walk towards the house.
“Katie I’m begging you. Please wait.” Crystal seemed very nervous and she kept glancing up at the top floor every few minutes. Katie paused.
“You don’t know the Brandt’s and you don’t know their children. You owe them nothing. Your safety is what is important.” Crystal started. They could hear a car in the distance rumbling down the road. They both turned to see the Macerate that Mr. Brandt drove pulling up to the garage. Crystal and Katie stared silently at them. It struck them both as odd that Caroline was still sitting in the car while Tyler got out. He waved.
“Everything okay out here?” He glanced around teasing them.
“Hello Mr. Brandt.” Crystal waved. He smiled warmly.
“Crystal Jamison. How are you?” Tyler began to walk their way. Instantly, both girls were chilled. The hairs on both the backs of their necks stood straight out and they unconsciously moved closer together. He paused and took them in, studying their body language.
“Well, apparently Caroline left a paper here she just had to have and though this is on my behalf, she has to give a speech and lucky me, I got to come back and get it for her.” He chuckled and stayed where he was, continuing to stare at them both.
“Sorry.” They both said in unison. He chuckled.
“Oh Mr. Brandt.” Katie started.
“Yes Katie?” He asked curiously.
“I checked on Pria.” She started. His facial expression changed, as in grew darker but she couldn’t be sure. Crystal wrapped her fingers around Katie’s arm and got closer to her.
“Mmhmm.” He replied, still watching them.
“Is she feeling okay?” Katie asked curiously.
“Why do you ask? Did she seem sick?” His temperament had changed somewhat to defensive and angry. Katie smiled.
“She’s fine. Adorable children you have Mr. Brandt. Thank you for allowing me to sit for you. It’s my first job. I’m just overprotective sir.” At the change of her direction, his demeanor returned to normal and upbeat.
“Thank you so much for coming in Katie. We really do appreciate it.” He seemed to be staring at Katie’s arms instead of at her. She drew her Dolly closer to her body, instinctively. His eyes met hers and he smiled.
“Cute doll. Aren’t you a bit old?” He asked curiously.
“Does it matter? She is a family heirloom. Its all I have to remind me of my family that died.” She explained. It almost appeared as if he had a hurt, remorseful expression on his face.
“I’m sorry Katie. My comment was completely uncalled for. Have you seen Lupe by chance?” He glanced around quickly.
“I-” Katie paused and glanced at Crystal.
“I think she said she was going to the store. Katie doesn’t speak Spanish and cant recall what she said really.” Crystal informed Tyler.
“She’s been acting strangely. I think she’s on a religious kick. Earlier she accused me of being the devil.” Tyler died laughing. It was a boisterous, hearty laugh. Both Crystal and Katie had chills. He cleared his throat.
“Well then.” He chuckled and waved at them then hurried through the garage. They glanced at the car. Caroline was still sitting there. She was apparently staring straight ahead, almost zombie like or possessed. Katie thought.


Shattered (horror, thriller, suspense)

Ashley and Niki are new to Anadarko, recently adopted by the Patrino's, a high political powered family. Never having children of their own and desperately wanting to better their image, it was a chance of a lifetime when their lawyer Peter Wilkins called to let them know "their children had arrived."
Shortly after Ashley and Niki arrive in Anadarko, strange things start happening to the teenagers there. Waking with raging fevers,vomiting and delusions then going into a catatonic state and lastly, disappearing from the towns mortuary.
On Halloween night it began. Ashley is the portal and Niki is the key. It wasn't by happenstance they came to Anadarko, oh no. Lana Davis, daughter of Mayor Ronald Davis, also has a secret. She was adopted at birth and she's the only thing standing between the townspeople of Anadarko surviving the demonic apocalypse or being "Shattered" by becoming slaves to the dark Demon Havardy, who had been promised Anadarko for centuries. Who will reign supreme and who will be shattered?
The Kiss Of Night (Suspense, Drama, Crime/Mystery, Murder)
The cold sweat dripped from his head as he stared at the crime scene. The sirens filled his head like a bad polka band. The yellow crime scene tape blurred his vision. The rank smell of blood, sex and rotten decomposition burned his nostrils. “Chief.” A hand grazed his shoulder startling him. His hand jerked shakily to his chest as he gasped for air. It felt as though his lungs were going to explode. His eyes filled up with water and his head began to swim violently. His breathing became ragged and short. He bent over and closed his eyes. He put his head between his knees hoping to steady his head and calm his breathing. He leaned down resting his elbows on his long, strong legs and opened his eyes. He stared into a pair of expressionless, cold blue eyes that stared unblinkingly back at him.
“My name is Deputy Chief Nick Glass. I’m covering a homicide case currently. However, my lead suspect is being protected for some reason. I brought him in for questioning last night and no more than half an hour later someone with a lot of power bailed him out.” There was a long pause on the other end of the line. “What can I do to help?” A deep male voice asked. “Send me the best.” Glass said firmly. There was another long pause. “You do realize who the best is right?” The deep voice asked. Nick nodded his head up and down as if the other person could see. Then he sighed. “Yeah. I know.” He breathed out slowly in his own deep voice. Glass sighed again and ran a quick hand through his thick black hair. He needed a shower. He could smell his own stink and he was certain that it was a strong enough odor that it could stop a charging rhino in it’s tracks. The quiet of the room was interrupted by the ringing of the phone and the sound of the deep voice. “I just want to make sure that you know what you are asking Glass.” He said. “Just make it happen.” Glass said abruptly before dropping the black receiver down into its base. He sighed again. He was doing that a lot lately. He was going to have to see Dr. Avery the Units Psychologist. His mind drifted back to the night that the dark shadowed figure jumped out at him. He distinctly remembered shouting “Police! Don’t move.” The shadow slipped closer to him and he shouted again “I said don’t move. Drop your weapon!” He commanded. The shadow inched closer and closer to him. “I said drop it or I will drop you!” He shouted again. He still couldn’t gauge the sex or age of the shadow. “Stop!” He warned again. “Drop down on your belly, place your hands behind your head!” He shouted. And yet the figure still moved closer. “I said stop asshole!” He yelled. Then he saw the barrel of the gun, pointed straight at him, and he could make out a smirk beneath the cloaked shadow. He heard the hammer drop on the .35 gauge Smith and Wesson. Once more, once more before he dropped this psycho. “I said drop your weapon. This is your last warning.” The shadow was no more than ten feet in front of him still inching closer. “Do you have a death wish? What the hell is your problem?” He yelled. Suddenly the shot rang out and he found himself falling to the ground landing face down in the cold mud. Another shot rang out, he felt the breeze of the bullet whizzing past his head, heard the buzz as it zipped passed him. He looked up to see the shadow falling, the gun pointing in the air and firing once more before the shadow made a nauseating thud against the ground. “No!” He heard the words come from his mouth, as if in slow motion. He crawled hastily to the shadow. As he approached his fears were confirmed. He took the small head in his hands and supported it. He pulled the cloak away from it’s head letting blonde curls spill out around the young girl. He knew she was no more than ten. The blood poured from the side of her mouth, a deep gurgling sound came from the back of her throat. “Hang on kid.” He said panicked. “Somebody call an ambulance!” He ordered to the stationary uniforms behind them. He could hear them on the radio, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. “Hang on kid.” He said again, this time his voice hoarse and shallow. She reached up and touched his face. “I’m sorry daddy.” She whispered as her hand fell to her side.


Wings (comedy, romance)

Wings is a comedy about a girl named Angela who has to do several good deeds to make up for the bad she’s done in order to get her wings in heaven.

Her first task is to reunite Freddy Kindrick with his true first love that she came between and forever changed his life. She only gets 2 chances per task to get it right. She has 3 strikes before she fails and will forever be without wings and will be destined to live outside the gates instead of inside of them.

Angela Rodriguez was by no means perfect. Closer to imperfect. Okay, she was a walking, talking disorder of chaos, clumsiness and deviance. She threw caution, much like she did rules, to the wind. If it could be broken, she did her best to do it especially when it came to hearts.
Blood Trail (horror, thriller, suspense, drama, crime/mystery, murder)

Just like your fingers leave behind a signature fingerprint, so does a killer. It just takes time to find the owner of it.
It was suppose to be a Summer they’d never forget. Surrounded by sand, sun, beaches and party fun.
Soon, perfect strangers will have to work together in order to escape and survive a fate worse than death when a sadistic, merciless killer begins to pick them off one by one.

24 year-old Kayla Craig bobbed her head up and down to the blaring sound of Eminem as she sang along at the top of her lungs while speeding down the interstate. She glanced at her watch and groaned. She was suppose to be meeting up with her best friend Shay Jenson at the Dean of Admissions office in Boston. She had been driving at least eight hours without stopping for a bathroom break and after at least four cups of coffee that she drank that morning at Denny’s before starting her long drive, she could really use a bathroom. She took the turn at 75 mph instead of 55 and swerved furthering jostling her bladder. She gripped the steering wheel tighter turning her pale knuckles, whiter. Kayla breathed out a sigh of relief once she got control of the SUV and her pulse. She glanced to her right and saw a rest stop coming up at the next exit.
“Oh yay me!” She let go of the wheel and clapped with relief. She didn’t usually stop at rest stops. Actually, she had a rule about rest stops. They creeped her out and she had to check every single stall at least once before choosing one. It had to be the closest to the door and on the end preferably where someone could only get in on one side or through the door. The parking lot was virtually empty as she whipped her black Land Rover into the parking area. She killed the engine and bounced up and down in the seat hurriedly as she fought to unbuckle her seatbelt. She leapt from the seat and ran towards the bathroom, dashing inside. She didn’t bother to check the stalls. She just didn’t have time. She slipped into the first one and dropped down just in time. She exhaled a long sigh of relief. She reached for the toilet paper holder and froze. She leaned her head to the right listening for the sound again. She waited but shook it off. She could have sworn she heard a scratching sound and then something muffled. She unrolled the paper, the holder squeaking as she did. She shivered as fear began to creep up her spine. Chill bumps scattered over her skin as she quickly stood and pulled her jeans back up. She flushed and glanced upwards in a paranoid act. Satisfied there was no one waiting there with a rope to strangle her with, she quietly unlocked the door and stepped out. The bathroom appeared to be silent, most of the stall doors were opened except for the one at the far end, more than five stalls down from her. She didn’t care at this point. Her business there was done. She hurried around the corner to the sink to wash her hands. The pooling puddles of blood in front of the middle sink and the blood trail leading towards the stalls she had just come from should have been an indication that something was very wrong there. At first Kayla wasn’t sure if perhaps it was just water on the brownish colored tiled floor but closer examination proved that the maroon, sticky substance was still fresh and had an overwhelming metallic scent the closer she got to it. Her stomach did flip flops as she stood at the sink gripping the sides and willing herself not to pass out. She heard the sound of a stall door slamming around the corner. She covered her mouth to keep from screaming and ran frantically out the exit door. The warm sun felt good on her face as soon as it hit her skin and the glare that it was casting down on her was nearly enough to blind her as she ran with speed she didn’t even know she had. She fumbled with her keys as she leapt into the drivers seat of the Land Rover. She turned on the ignition and backed out, then spun out as she drove away. Tears streamed down her face and her heart raced as she sped back onto the interstate. She was going so fast that as soon as she entered back onto roadway her backend fishtailed. She hardly noticed.  She also didn't see what was lying in wait in her backseat....


Capital Deception (thriller, drama, suspense)

Sean and Simon have been working on some serious covert ops for the government unaware of just how secret and sensitive the photos and information they are caring are. Sean thought he saw something one night while flying a mission. Something that he just never believed could be real. The only person he told was his R.I.O and best friend, Simon. On home leave 24-hours after flying the mission for the government, both families have plans to spend time together in the Hampton’s but the government has other plans. Where do you run when the government wants you dead? Both Sean and Simon have become a liability to the government and they can't afford to have any witnesses.
Recalling both pilots back to base for a "sensitive mission" leaves their families at the mercy of the government as Sean and Simon's jet goes down and they are left for dead and their families are told they were killed in action. As Sean and Simon fight to save their lives and the lives of mankind from the heinous experiment the government has conducted that has turned deadly and now threatens the very survival of man, their families are trying to outwit and outsmart the mercenary who seems to know their every move.
The deadly experiment that the government conducted that they are trying to cover up happened on a covert base in the middle of the dessert hard to spot unless you know what you are looking for. They were experimenting with new modern warfare biochemical’s and the weapon they attempted to make backfired and instead, from the green biohazard us waste they had produced and intended to put in the enemies water supply, instead exploded in the lab. Government officials could get no response after the disaster occurred so they sent 2 different troops in to investigate; Instead of finding survivors, they only found their own demise as they became meals to the scientists that once worked there. Unaware that the General for the weapons base and the head of the experimental division had gotten over zealous with the project and had been using civilians as lab rats, the base is now open and with the world as their playground mankind is now their food source.
Now it's not only up to the Weston's and the Phelps to save themselves but mankind as well.


Roping Sunsets (romance, drama)

Christa Houston had everything that anyone could possibly ever want. She lived a care free life without a care in the world. Ranching was the only life she had ever known. Being born and raised right there on the Diamond Horseshoe Ranch she took it as a sign that this was her life, this was who she was born to be. She began working on the ranch for her father when she was as young as thirteen. While other girls were talking about boys, make-up and clothes she was out in the arena breaking in horses and delivering foals. She loved her life. She loved the smell of the dust, the feel of the mud beneath her feet after a long rain and the wind blowing through her hair as she rode the fence line. She loved mid morning and midnight rides with the sound of the horses hooves prodding the ground, the sound of a gallop, the smell of the feed and the power of the beast beneath her who literally held her life in his hands as two became one in the wide open spaces. Christa never thought there would come a day when she would feel lonely or have the need for a man in her life. She had a family. Her horses were all she needed. Until she went home at night to an empty house and a cold lonely bed. And then it became clear to her that something was missing from her life. But was there anyone who could tame her wild spirit? Anyone who could share the same passion for life and ranching as she did? Was there anyone out there who could love her the way that she wanted to be loved and hold her the way that she needed to be held?

She climbed up on the fence that surrounded the arena. She sat straddled on the white fence watching him working the mare like a pro. He caught a glimpse of her and paused long enough to watched her hair being blown lightly in the wind. He felt his breath catch in his throat. She was a gorgeous creature, and the ruggedness of her just made her more beautiful in his opinion. She really was kind hearted, she just wanted to make her father proud and he understood her thinking. And even though she didn’t like Trisha and he knew it, she still wanted to give her a fair chance. Especially so that she would have a better shot at college. And this was the best place to get a good recommendation. He should know. That’s how he got into Princeton. But he wouldn’t tell anyone that he portrayed a prep once instead of the rugged hick that he was cut out to be. He stopped running the mare and dropped the lead rope down to the last inch and led her over to the fence where Christa was sitting. Preston looped the rope around the fence and leaned up against it right next to Christa’s right leg. He was more gorgeous than earlier. She thought to herself. Preston slid over and leaned against her legs. Looking up at her he pushed her heels apart and wrapped them around his waist. He pulled her down into his arms and stared into her fiery green eyes. Then he brought his mouth to hers and swept her away into a breath taking kiss. When he released her from his kiss Christa could still feel it on her lips. She could still taste him and feel his firm chest against her breasts.



Shaunna is married. She and her husband spend their time traveling the United States with their Pomeranian, Tigger.
Shaunna has a major in Psychology and is in pursuit of her doctorate. She also has a degree in Legal Studies and is in the process of getting her Masters in this field as well as her Juris Doctor in law. She has a vibrant and dedicated educational history. Amongst recognition for her academic pursuits, she has also received several awards in writing and recognition for her publications.


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